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          In an effort to ensure our scholars have access to proper identification such as state ID cards, 高贵’s Government & Community Affairs Team partnered with the Illinois Secretary of State, to facilitate mobile state ID drives at multiple campus locations across the network. This provided a unique opportunity for scholars to apply for and receive their IDs during a school day, essentially eliminating a trip to the Secretary of State.



          初级, 加里后起之秀大学预科


          Our focus was on junior & senior scholars during the rollout of the initiative. The first campuses to participate in the drive were south side campuses: 加里后起之秀大学预科 and 约翰逊大学预科. 汉斯贝里大学预科, Rowe Clark Math & Science Academy and UIC大学预科 were the next campuses to follow. Out of those six campuses, we successfully secured nearly 200 new state IDs for students in the span of two months!

          如果你有兴趣在你的太阳城网站网址参与状态ID驱动器或想了解更多信息,请联络社区组织者,amirius克林顿 aclinton@nobleschools.org



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